Giants Team

Sini Haapalinna: concept, production, social engagement and event planning
Markku Nousiainen: concept, production, media design, technical design.
Aku Meriläinen: concept, real-time visual software, technical design
Jasper Klevering: DJ
Jenni Urpilainen: performing, social engagement
Elena Ruuskanen: performing, social engagement
Nikolai Klix: performing, social engagement

Previous team members:
Pia Lindy: social engagement and performing (Giants 2010 team member)
Matti Niinimäki: real-time visual software, technical design (Giants 2010 team member)

Graphic design: Jukka Peltosaari

Produced by Osuuskunta Taiteeko.

In collaboration with
M-cult / Media Facades Festival 2012
Public Art Lab (Berlin) / Farbfest Bauhaus Dessau 2012
Medialab Cinekid, Amsterdam

The Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture AVEK, OKM / Digidemo
City of Helsinki Cultural Office

Commercial partners
NI Mate motion tracking software provided by Delicode Ltd.
SMS service provided by Labyrintti Media Oy

Email: markku dot nousiainen [a] gmail dot com, giantsofthehoods [a] gmail dot com
Phone: +358 40 5006276




Team members

Sini Haapalinna
(b. 1975)
Sini’s work is based on the exploration of being holistically present in the sensations and experiences of space, time, kinesthetics, technology and emptiness. She uses mixed media for creating transdisciplinary and immersive environments and creative atmospheres for performative actions, frames of collective processes, and spontaneous events to take place. She is interested in art and science practices, and practices of fine tuning the perceptions and awareness, movement, body-mind, meditation, generativity, mindfulness, interconnectivity, and impermanence. Sini has collaborated extensively with artists and scientist from different fields. She has an extensive educational background in cultural anthropology, dance and performing arts, performance art and theory, and Buddhist philosophy and meditation.


Markku Nousiainen (b. 1970)
Markku is a media artist, producer, educator  and new media concept designer whose current interests are in the art and science field, bio-arts, custom-made electronics, media art education, experimental photography, and dance and performing arts. He has been working in the digital media field for 15 years as a designer in commercial agencies, in a tv company, and as an independent artist and producer. For the last 3,5 years he has been employed as producer at the Media Factory of Aalto University in Helsinki. He is looking for ways to bring media art out of the conventional art contexts to embodied, spatial, and social practices, and to public spaces. Markku’s educational  background is in new media art and design, engineering, and work and organizational research.

Aku Meriläinen (b. 1985)
Aku is a media artist specializing in VJ culture, performances, and media art installations with real-time visualizations and sensor technologies for spatial and embodied interaction. He works in club environments making visuals and developing pioneering tools such as the Signal Image system which is a platform for audio reactive visuals used in several restaurants. In addion he has made visuals for the theatre stage, working mainly with the productions of Rovaniemi Theatre in northern Finland, and for art installations, music videos, urban festivals and street events. Aku’s educational background is in audiovisual media culture.