Here you can find Giants’ simplified source code published under GNU GPL v3 license. Real-time animation is done in Quartz Composer (QC). Enjoy!

Giants of the Hoods uses NI Mate by Delicode to track body movement. NI Mate sends tracking data to QC where the animation, gesture recognition, SMS and Facebook speech bubbles and everything else happens. Big Thank You to Oneseconds for making the Tryplex Kinect Toolkit which makes communication between NI Mate and QC very easy. Here is a link to their google code site.

This is a simplified version, so things not included are:
– Photo booth for taking your own images in real-time
– SMS and Facebook speech bubbles
– Only two users instead of four
– Extra graphics like hand and head accessories

What this .zip does include:
– Giants Example App (built with Quartz Builder from Kineme)
– Giants_Animation_Source.qtz
– Few example images of characters
– NI Mate configuration file
– Three QC plugins needed
– ReadMe and license

Download the .zip from here.

Hardware / system requirements:
– Mac OSX 10.6 or 10.7 (10.8 not tested)
– Microsoft Kinect

Download and run NI Mate
– Import the NI Mate configuration file included in Giants’ source
– Open Giants Example App
– If you want to take a look at the source, I presume that you know QC well enough to do it without step by step instructions