Salsa Loving Giants

A workshop in Rovaniemi (northern Finland), July 2012. Testing the new technical setup used for ‘Giants of the Hoods’, with the Kinect camera and NI Mate motion tracking software. And of course, catching some mood for the special Latin event which takes place in Helsinki on the Night of the Arts, 23rd August.

Helsingin tapahtumapaikat varmistuneet

Olemme saaneet tarvittavat luvat neljään keikkapaikkaan Kalliossa, Hakaniemen sillan alla, Ullanlinnassa sekä Lauttasaaressa. Tämä kaupunginosien kierros tapahtuu 18.-22.8., ja tapahtumat ovat iltaisin klo 21-23 kun on riittävän hämärää projisoimiseen.

Viides tapahtuma on taiteiden yönä 23.8. Kampissa, Lasipalatsin aukiolla osana Media Facades 2012 -festivaalin latinoaiheista iltaa. Katso tarkempi info Helsinki 2012 -sivulta.

Scouting for Helsinki locations

We have made a preliminary selection of locations for the tour in Helsinki in August 2012. The planning of the events, and the application process are going on now. See the locations and event info (in Finnish) on the Helsinki 2012 page. If you have ideas of what the Giants of these locations should be like, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us!


Working on the Giants 2012 tour

The Giants of the Hoods project is up and running again – we’re preparing an updated version of the technical platform and developing the Giants events based on experiences from our tour in 2010. And there are some gigs and tours coming in the late summer and early autumn in three locations – Helsinki, Dessau (Germany), and Amsterdam. (See the dates in the column to the right.) The exact schedule is still being worked on, so stay tuned!


Giants event in Liverpool

Giants event in Liverpool from Giants of the Hoods on Vimeo.

Thanks Liverpudlians!

Aw…! Discovering this vibrant city of giant hearts, incredible generosity and creativity…what a deeply moving and beautiful experience! Thank you TenantSpin, MediaFasadesFetsival, FACT, Liverpool, all the people making the event & workshop possible and of course, thank you for sharing your dances with the Giants!!! It was FUN 🙂

And the workshop at FACT was super! To meet and get to know all of you was just fantastic 🙂 So many things we learnt together, so much sharing! Having returned to Finland we are not the same born giants with new born undrestanding and insights! Lets carry on! …and your characters became just amazing 😀

Hey, soon coming some pics and videos here… and please, if you like to share your photos with us, send them in and we´ll put them up 🙂  Hope to see you again, keep in touch, best energies from the Giants crew!

Liverpool Workshop 30/9/2010

The Liverpool workshop started with getting to know each other and with a brief explanation of the Giants project. During the day we had some interesting and fruitful discussions on stereotypes of Liverpool and Liverpudlians (or Scousers). There were also two people from Chester participating and this widened the talk to also include stereotypes of the North West of England.

The day ended with a short walk around the neighborhood. The participants introduced some sites that they considered personally interesting. We also took some photos as material for building the Giant characters of Liverpool.

Photo by Ian

Final Event (‘dance battle’) in Kamppi, Helsinki 4.9.2010

Giants Final Event in Kamppi from Giants of the Hoods on Vimeo.

Giants of the Hoods @ Lasipalatsin aukio 4/9/2010

What a super fun final eve…! Hothothot amazing moves, cool & original personal styles, openminded friendly meetings between people from various backgrounds! Thank you all for revealing what the real Giants are made of!

Short video of the evening coming out here soon…!


GIANTS OF KONTULA, Taiteiden yö 27/8/10 from Giants of the Hoods on Vimeo.