Farbfest Dessau

Some images from Wednesday, 29th August, 2012 in the Dessau Centre where the Giants team interviewed and photographed passer-bying people of different ages. A local artist group Studio Alma was giving a wonderful mask workshop for the Farbfest Dessau festival just next to us!

The Giants of the Hoods / Kiez Giganten events will take place in the festival on Friday and Saturday evenings starting at 9pm and running until midnight. For more info see http://www.farbfest-dessau.de/2012

Would you like to send your own speech bubble to the Dessau giants? Or you just have an idea about what the local Giants in Dessau would say? Click our ‘Participate’ page and write your speech bubble text in the comment field, and it will be projected publicly as part of our event in Farbfest!


Tell us about your neighbourhood! How to characterize your Dessau?

HEAD dreams. What kind of dreams?

..Dreams about peace, becoming a horse rider, dancer or skater, having a farm, being an elf, tolerance, pony, healthy environment..


HEART feels. How does it feel?

..Feelings of love, happiness, freindship, freedom, sisterhood, connection to homeland, nervousness, God, harmony, sunny..


HANDS create. What do they do?

..Hands touch, create new things, write, open doors, paint, point, feel, hug, build a horse farm, carry, grow fruits, make handicraft, plant trees, sometimes feel sad, make friendship, young fire-fighters of Dessau..


LEGS move. How do they dance?

..Legs ..move differently, play, funny feet, dance foxtrott, sing, play handball, carry, skate, make connection, love, dance fast and beautifully, do nothing, love, do what i like to do..